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Sunbed Member 

  • $45.00 a Month *Unlimited Tanning In our Sundash 232 sunbed.

Image by James Day

VIP Member

  • $90.00 a Month for *Unlimited UV tanning in *any unit including Red Light Therapy.

Redlight social media_edited.jpg

Wellness Member

  • $68.00 a Month *Unlimited use of our Red-Light Therapy booth.

Image by Ethan Robertson

Single Sessions

  • Prosun Lumina   $25.00

  • Standup Booth   $22.00

  • Ulta-Sun 4000    $22.00

  • Prosun SLI         $22.00

  • Sundash Sunbed $16.50

One Month Tanning Pass available with No Membership Commitment 

$135.00 per month: Plus Pass 

$90.00 per month: Sunbed Pass 

Single session 

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